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  • dwarf.embryo.denovo.fna

    Trinity contigs of dwarf embryo (264,349)


    BRANCH contigs of dwarf embryo (20,847)

  • dwarf.endosperm.denovo.fna

    Trinity contigs of dwarf endosperm (185,242)


    BRANCH contigs of dwarf endosperm (29,122)

  • dwarf.leaf.denovo.fna

    Trinity contigs of dwarf leaf (88,707)


    BRANCH contigs of dwarf leaf (27,625)

  • tall.denovo.fna

    Trinity contigs of tall (89,133)


    BRANCH contigs of tall (23,283)

  • Contigs.fna

    Coconut contigs Trinity+BRANCH (591,511)

  • Polypeptides.Contigs.faa

    Polypeptides of coconut contigs (439,300)

  • Coconut.Proteins.faa

    Proteins product PP of methodology (29,366)

  • Contigs.gff3

    Functional annotation of coconut contigs

  • Identifiers

    Description of the identifiers used for coconut sequences

  • Scaff.RRed.tar.gz

    Scripts scaffolding and reduction of redundancy

  • Data Usage

    The applied methodology in our paper [1] used coconut transcriptomic data recovered from NCBI [2]. The first dataset [3] corresponds to a transcriptomic analysis of endosperm, embryo and leaf of a dwarf variety (SRA submissionaccession number SRX518095, SRX534380 and SRX534428), while the second [4] represents transcriptome data from a mix of tissues from Hainan tall cultivar (accession number SRX198908).

    [1] Armero A, Baudouin B, Bocs S, This, D. Improving transcriptome de novo assembly by using a reference genome of a related species: translational genomics from oil palm to coconut. 2017 (PONE-D-16-34907R1).

    2] NCBI: National center for biothechnology information [Internet].

    [3] Huang Y-Y, Lee C-P, Fu JL, Chang BC-H, Matzke AJM, Matzke M. De Novo Transcriptome Sequence Assembly from Coconut Leaves and Seeds with a Focus on Factors Involved in RNA-Directed DNA Methylation. G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics. 2014 Nov;4(11):2147–57.

    [4] Fan H, Xiao Y, Yang Y, Xia W, Mason AS, Xia Z, et al. RNA-Seq Analysis of Cocos nucifera: Transcriptome Sequencing and De Novo Assembly for Subsequent Functional Genomics Approaches. PLoS ONE. 2013 Mar 29;8(3):e59997.

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